6 reasons Why you need Life Insurance

Most adults don’t have life insurance. This is unfortunate because life insurance is an important part of any financial plan. Life insurance is vital for anyone who has people depending on them financially.

The main reason people don’t have it is because it’s connected to death. No-one likes to think about their own death but it’s going to happen to all of us sooner or later. We all need to be prepared for when that day comes.

Too many people are walking around without life insurance and thinking that they don’t need it. If you have children then you definitely need it.

The money isn’t for you, it’s for the ones you leave behind. Your responsibility to your family doesn’t end when you die. If you’re wondering if you really need life insurance then here are 5 reasons why:

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3 Secrets to Fixing your Money Problems

You’ve got money problems that you want to fix. All money problems fall into 2 broad categories, either you’ve got too much or too little. Most of us have too little.

What we’re going to talk about today is fixing problems that happen because of not having enough money.

You know what I’m talking about. Not being able to afford nice things that you really want. Can’t go on vacation. Choosing how hungry you are by how much the food costs on the menu. Not having enough month at the end of the money.

You get the point.

Time to fix your money problems. Here are 3 secrets that will help you get that done:

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Hustle more, hate less

Hustle. What does that word mean to you? You see it all over the internet in motivational quotes. It’s on hats and t-shirts. It’s in practically every rap song on the radio.

Hustle: busy movement or activity.

Everybody likes to say that they hustle. They’re hashtagging it. Creating memes and graphics. People are all over social media talking about how much they “hustle”. Everybody’s a hustler, no-one’s sleeping at all.

Then you take a good look. If you see them at work they do the bare minimum. They do just enough work to not get fired. Forget hustle, some people don’t even work while at work.

Then of course, the weekend comes…

And they’re in the club or they’re at the movies. They’re at restaurants. Or at a cookout, all day long.

Some people don’t even go out and party. They just stay at home and watch TV all weekend.

Where’s all the hustle that people brag about on social media?

It’s mostly fiction. It just makes people feel good to claim that they’re constantly hustling. Then there’s the flip side…

The hate.

People are all over the internet leaving negative comments about others who are actually making things happen.

Instead of producing, they’re hating on those that are producing.

If you have money problems then here’s what you need to do:

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It’s the weekend! Time to get to work

It’s Friday. TGIF. That’s what they say. Cheers to the weekend and all that.

Why do people get so excited when Friday rolls around? For most people they’re excited to get their weekend started. Two days to party, relax and amuse themselves until they have to drag themselves back to the office on Monday. (“Oh God It’s Monday!”)

People want to forget about their job and work altogether. They just want to relax and have as much fun as possible over the weekend. You know what I’m talking about if you dread going to work on Monday.

Time to change your thinking

If you’re someone who is unhappy with your life then you need to use the weekend not waste it.

Take control of your life. Use the weekend to fix your life’s problems not forget about them.

Your life happens 7 days a week. Every week! The weekend is your time to make life better.

If you’re broke then you can’t afford to take weekends off. You’re going to have to work weekends. That doesn’t mean that you have to get a part-time job but maybe you do temporarily.

You have to ask yourself where the idea of the “weekend” came from anyway. Life doesn’t stop or take vacations.

Your body needs food every single day, Fridays are no different.

If a bill has a pay due date that happens to fall on a Saturday, they still expect that payment on that Saturday.

On the weekends you’re free to work on the business of you instead of your boss’ business. Take full advantage of that time.

Stop looking at and “liking” memes and motivational quotes on social media about hustle. Actually get out there and hustle!

This is the time to get it done. Go after what you want while everyone is partying and relaxing. Being casual makes you a casualty.

You’ve got to get serious about your life. That means working on weekends.

Get up. Get out there. Get it done.

Cheers to the weekend.


What to do in a 3 paycheck month

Twice a year the typical employee gets to experience something magical.

The 3 paycheck month.

3 paychecks in 1 month! Always a cause for celebration. Or at least it feels that way.

It’s easy to get excited about that extra paycheck. It’s like free money. Who wouldn’t get excited about free money?

It’s free money!

(Well, it isn’t free money. You had to work for it.)

It can feel like found money even though it isn’t. And who’s going to miss found money if it gets wasted?

Try something different.

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Claim your independence

Recently people in the United States celebrated Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July. It’s time that we all declared our own personal Independence Day.

We should all strive for financial freedom. That doesn’t mean having mansions, luxury cars and expensive clothes to show off with on social media. It means gaining freedom from financial stress.

It means freeing yourself from a paycheck mentality and living hand to mouth. It’s about putting yourself in position so you’re not forced to do things that you disagree with because you need the money.

Isn’t it time to take control of your life?

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It’s OK to restart at any time

We live in a world where we are told that we should all have goals. You know the advice.

Set your goals at the beginning of the new year.

Write them down.

Work on them daily.

Stay focused.

Do all these things if you want your dreams to come true. It’s good advice.

But what happens if you review your goals in the middle of the year and you haven’t gotten much accomplished?

If you’re like most people then you probably get discouraged and disappointed in yourself. And then you quit.

You get so upset with yourself for not following through that you give up your goals altogether. And then scold yourself for “failing” to hit your goals.


It’s OK…

We all fail sooner or later. Forgive yourself.

And start over.

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The 3 Places You Must Avoid if You Want to be Rich

DesertEveryone wants to know the “secrets of the rich”. There are many books and articles written about these secrets. What do rich people do that’s different to the rest of us?

What do they buy? Where do they buy it from? Where do they live?

What do they invest in? What kind of businesses do they start? How do they make so much money? How do they get so much done?

People expect to hear feats of superhuman activity. Exotic investments and exciting once-in-a-lifetime deals that made them millions overnight.

Wealthy people do simple things that just add up over time.

They do small things that help make progress towards their goals. They make sure they’re productive every day. They put their money into things that will benefit themselves first and foremost.

Wealthy people use proven strategies that have been tested over decades. Strategies that have a chance of working out to their own benefit.

It’s not only what they do. It’s also about what they don’t do. They don’t do crazy things with their money. They don’t chase every get-rich-quick scheme that comes along. They don’t go to the wrong places.

Wait a minute, they don’t go to the wrong places? What does that mean?

Wealthy people stay away from places that will make them poor. If you want to be rich and build wealth then here are 3 places to avoid: [Read more…]

How to Pay off Debt with the Snowball Method

Photo Credit: michaelshaffer via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: michaelshaffer via Compfight cc

If you’re like most Americans, you’re walking around with debt hanging around your neck. From credit cards to mortgages to student loans and car loans. Debt is ever present and can be overwhelming. Paying off debt is something that people are constantly trying to figure out how to do.

We all know how stressful debt can be. It affects our health, our relationships and peace of mind. It can also hurt our wealth building efforts.

Too much debt can destroy you credit score. (Funny, since having debt is the only way to get a credit score.) That will affect your ability to get loans. Even if you are able to get a loan, then it will affect your interest rate.

The more bad debt you have, the higher your interest rate. The higher your rate, the higher your payments. You’ll have to pay more for everything. You don’t want that, do you?

If you have bad debt racked up on consumer goods then you’re in a bad position. Consumer debt like car loans and unpaid credit card balances have to go as quickly as possible.

Time to eliminate your debt and eliminate it fast. If you’ve had problems sticking to a debt elimination program in the past then try the Snowball method.

It’s considered by many to be the best method for paying off debt. Here’s how you can do it. [Read more…]