Never Tell Yourself No: Jay Morrison’s Jay Walk episode 1

Recently Tulsa Real Estate Fund founder Jay Morrison started a new video series on Youtube called Jay Walk. It’s his way of giving advice to the Black community on how to maneuver successfully in life and business. The first video in the series was called “Never Tell Yourself No!” (click here to watch)

I thought it was really good advice and needs to be shared. This is a concept that most of us need to internalize. I know that I need to.

Here are the key takeaways:

Never quit before you start

This is the major point that Jay is trying to make. Never telling yourself no doesn’t mean go out and buy yourself whatever you want on impulse or never delaying instant gratification.

What he meant was that you should never give up on something you want to achieve before even trying. Too many people don’t try big things because they talk themselves out of it. Personal development expert Brian Tracy says that people attempt their goals an average of less than one time.

Less than one time.

That’s crazy.  People quit before they even start. This is due to a lack of self confidence.

Don’t let that be you.

Weigh your options

Jay talks about when he decided to get a real estate agent’s license and everyone told him he was crazy. They told him that he could never get licensed being an ex-con and that he was wasting his time. He decided to weigh his options.

What was the downside if he couldn’t get his real estate license? Losing the $300 fee for the class and not getting the license but he’d still get knowledge. He figured the downside wasn’t that bad and he went for it.

He said something we should all keep in mind:

Where there is a little to lose and a lot to gain, why not try?

Weigh your options and think of it this way, what’s the worst that can happen? If you won’t go to jail or become homeless or no-one gets hurt then “failure” isn’t that big a deal.

Ask yourself what’s the worst that can possibly happen and then think about how likely that worst-case scenario really is.

Where there is a little to lose and a lot to gain, why not try? @MrJayMorrison Click To Tweet

By the way, he got his real estate license after some effort. Be careful who you listen to.

If others aren’t telling you no then why are you telling yourself no?

In the video Jay also talks about when he was in jail and wanted to apply for a work release program. All the other prisoners around him told him he shouldn’t even try. He figured that since the prison was allowing him to fill out the paperwork then he might as well try since he wasn’t going to be penalized even if he was denied.

If others aren't telling you no then why are you telling yourself no? Click To Tweet

This is a question that our people really need to ask themselves. Stop saying all over the internet what Black people can’t do. Stop saying that Black people will never get it together and can never build wealth.

People will tell you all the good reasons why things will never happen for us and why we should never even try.

That we need “transformational government” etc etc.

His cellmates had good reasons too, reminding him that you couldn’t get work release if you had a gun charge on your record. He got approved for the work release anyway.

Be careful who you listen to.

Even if things are sometimes harder for us we still need to have a “so what” mentality. So what if things are harder? They’re still possible.

We need to remember that the laws can be used by all Americans. The tax laws give advantages to people who own businesses, real estate and other investments. These are the ways to build wealth.

The laws don’t give advantages to only White business owners, it gives them to all business owners.

There is no law in the present day that says Black people can’t own stocks, bonds, real estate and businesses. We may need to get creative but everything is possible for us.

If others aren’t telling you no then why are you telling yourself no?

Summing it all up

If the downside of going for your big dreams aren’t catastrophic then you need to go for it. You need to dream big and follow through bigger. You owe it to yourself and your people.

Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? Go for your dreams and don’t be the one to talk yourself out of it.

Comment below if you’re ready to stop telling yourself no!

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