Hustle more, hate less

Hustle. What does that word mean to you? You see it all over the internet in motivational quotes. It’s on hats and t-shirts. It’s in practically every rap song on the radio.

Hustle: busy movement or activity.

Everybody likes to say that they hustle. They’re hashtagging it. Creating memes and graphics. People are all over social media talking about how much they “hustle”. Everybody’s a hustler, no-one’s sleeping at all.

Then you take a good look. If you see them at work they do the bare minimum. They do just enough work to not get fired. Forget hustle, some people don’t even work while at work.

Then of course, the weekend comes…

And they’re in the club or they’re at the movies. They’re at restaurants. Or at a cookout, all day long.

Some people don’t even go out and party. They just stay at home and watch TV all weekend.

Where’s all the hustle that people brag about on social media?

It’s mostly fiction. It just makes people feel good to claim that they’re constantly hustling. Then there’s the flip side…

The hate.

People are all over the internet leaving negative comments about others who are actually making things happen.

Instead of producing, they’re hating on those that are producing.

If you have money problems then here’s what you need to do:

Hustle more, hate less.

If you have money problems then you shouldn’t be hanging out all weekend. You shouldn’t be spending your “free time” just celebrating.

What are you celebrating anyway?

If you can’t pay your bills or you’re stressed over money then there’s nothing to celebrate.

Partying will only make you forget your problems temporarily. And if you have money problems then you definitely can’t chill all weekend.

Here’s what you need to do:

Hustle more….

Start by hustling more at work. Your job is the place to start increasing your hustle.

This is 1 of the simplest ways to make more money. Get your employer to pay you more money for the hours that you’re already there working anyway.

Make yourself more valuable to your employer. That’s the only way to get paid more, provide more value. You’re already there working, improve your work.


First, start by working all the time you work. Actually work when you’re at work.

You get paid to work during certain business hours. Don’t spend time gossiping and handling personal business.

Get things done and get them done fast.

If you want a raise then provide more value. Then you can “raise your prices”.

You also need to start hustling more on the weekend. This is your life and it’s up to you to fix it.

That means that you have to put in major work outside of your job.

Stop thinking that you’re supposed to relax all weekend.

Your money problems don’t stop on the weekend. Your life doesn’t stop on the weekend.

You shouldn’t stop on the weekend either.

Start looking for ways to increase your income in your spare time.

This might mean getting a second job temporarily. This might mean starting a part-time business.

Use your spare time to get things moving in the right direction. Quickly.

When you start hustling more, it’s just as important to….

Hate less

If you’re hating on people that make more money, how are you going to make more money?

If you act like there’s something wrong with someone else making more money then you’re never going to make more money.

If you say that making big money is wrong then your subconscious won’t let you do what’s “wrong” and you’ll self-sabotage.

So stop hating.

Besides, it takes time and energy to hate.

You need lots of energy to get big things done. Don’t waste it by hating on what other people are actually producing.

You need time to get things done. Do you really want to waste it by trolling internet comments sections? You could be using that time to produce instead of hating on others.

So, when you see others doing big things be inspired. Tell yourself if they can do it, so can I.

Remember the old saying: Don’t hate, congratulate.

Even if you don’t have anything good to say, just don’t say anything. Move on to something else and be productive.

Don’t waste your time. It’s what your life is made of.

So remember: Hustle More, Hate Less.




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