How to Become A Franchise Player at work

Are you a franchise player? ‘Franchise player’ is a term used to describe the key player on an athletic team. This is the player that the team is built around. The player that everyone expects to perform when the pressure is on.  The one looked at as being the difference between winning and losing.

You need to become the franchise player for your organization.

Sound like too much responsibility? Think about this.

The franchise player is the one who gets the most money and the best endorsements.

You want to become that franchise player.

At work, everyone should be looking at you as the linchpin. Here are a few ways to make that happen.

Work primarily on your boss’ priorities

You’ve got to impress your boss or supervisor to get the big money. Find out what they consider to be the most important tasks to be done.  Make sure you’re taking care of those tasks above all else.

Satisfy  those who will directly affect your future first and foremost.

Work well with others

Being able to work well with different personality types is crucial. Relationships are important. It’s hard to get ahead if none of your co-workers like you. You can’t please everyone but if everyone hates you, you’re done.

Franchise players know how to be a leader and a team player at the same time.

This means helping out co-workers as much as possible without being exploited. You still have to get your own work done.

Help your boss with his workload. Help other departments solve their problems whenever possible.

People will remember how you’ve always been willing to help. They’ll repay you with endorsements.

Get in, Get it done, Get out

Earn a reputation for getting things done. Fast.  When projects come up, get moving on them right away.

Don’t rush but work at a steady pace. A quick pace. Set a reasonable schedule with enough time to get the job done right. Then beat the schedule.

Word will spread that you’re a top performer. Customers will notice. Other teams will notice. Other organizations will find out about you.

There’s nothing like the competition talking about you personally.

Remember, people always know who the top performers are. Make sure they know you.

Constantly upgrade your skills

As they say, the future belongs to the competent. It takes a high level of skill to be a franchise player. You need to constantly work at becoming better and increase your productivity. There’s always someone else somewhere putting in extra work so they can become top dog.

You’ve got to stay on top of your game.

Become a life-long learner. If you’re not a reader, you’d better become one.  Read every useful book you can find. Take courses to sharpen your skills in specific areas. Attend seminars and workshops. Try to use what you learn as quickly as possible.

Practice, practice, practice. Constantly work on yourself.

Only the highly competent get the ‘franchise player’ label.

Only the highly competent get the big rewards.

Stay calm under pressure

Competence leads to confidence. You’ll need that confidence. Once you get a reputation for being a top performer, pressure will come. Everyone will expect you to handle the biggest problems.

Franchise players are always expected to step up when they’re most needed.

You’ll benefit if you’re seen as being cool under fire. Find ways to handle stress that work for you.

Take short breaks at regular intervals. Take deep breaths and move around physically to keep yourself loose. Keep in mind that no-one will die if you make a mistake.

These are all crucial steps to becoming a franchise player. What action are you going to take immediately to earn your franchise player tag?


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