Get Creative or Get Run Over

If you’ve got money problems then you’re probably pretty stressed. With money problems come all kinds of other problems.

Without money then you can’t eat properly. Health problems.

Without money then you can’t afford a good place to stay. Housing problems.

Without money then you fight with your significant other. Relationship problems.

Like I said, all kinds of problems.

Now, what do you do with problems? You solve them!

You don’t cry about them. You don’t whine or complain about them. You don’t post about them on social media. No moaning, no groaning.

You solve your problems. You face them and tackle them head-on.

How do you do that?Get creative

Some problems are easy to deal with and can be fixed almost instantly. Other problems will require creativity.

Being creative doesn’t mean that you have to do something that the world has never seen before. To be creative means to create, to make something.

So if you have money problems, make something happen!

It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. You don’t have to start the next Facebook or Google in less than 24 hours. You just need to start on something.

Sell stuff

Maybe you clean out your closet and have a garage sale. Or sell stuff on Amazon or Ebay.

Maybe you start selling at your local flea market on Saturday mornings.

Use your skills

If you have artistic skills then you could put them to good use.

I have a friend who started selling part-time on Etsy but now sells products through her own company website.

Her sister sells art.

You can also put your skills that you’ve developed over the years to good use.

Look at your problems differently

Look at solutions to your problems from different angles. Maybe the solution to your problem can be related to the problem itself.

Having trouble paying your mortgage/ rent? Maybe it’s time to get a roommate to split the expenses. Maybe you can try doing Airbnb.

Car payment killing you? How about driving for Uber or Lyft?

Try something new

Try coming up with ideas that you’ve never tried before. A part-time job is ok temporarily but it’s a basic idea.

Maybe there’s a side business idea that you could pull off. How about selling all those clothes in your closet that you never wear? Maybe you can be a freelance writer.

Approach your issues from every angle possible. Maybe you can’t afford something that you need but you can trade something for it. Partner with friends and solve each other’s dilemmas.

Do something

The most important thing to remember is that you have to do something. Don’t let a molehill grow into a mountain.

Get creative. Try new things. Kill your problems.



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