Earn Your Weekend

Most people spend all day at their job looking forward to the weekend. Working 5 days a week to make enough money to spend on 2 days worth of entertainment. People drink away their whole paycheck and have nothing to show for it in the morning except a hangover.

A hangover. That’s it. A headache to remind you of all the “fun” that you had the night before.

Please don’t be 1 of these people. Especially if you’re broke.

Don’t drink to forget your pain. Get rid of your pain. (That goes for all areas of your life by the way, not just money.)

If you’ve got money problems, do NOT take weekends off. You don’t deserve them.

If your money problems keep you up at night then why are you trying to sleep in on Saturdays? Money never sleeps so while you’re relaxing in bed then your money problems are likely getting worse.

There is no rule that says that human beings deserve 2 days off every single week.

Celebrations are for when something goes well. If you’re poor then you shouldn’t be partying. If your finances are messed up then what is there to celebrate?

If you want to have fun on the weekends then you need to earn it. If you haven’t done everything that you possibly can during the week then what makes you think you deserve days off anyway?

Don’t spend money that you don’t have and make your problems worse.

When it’s quitting time at your job then YOUR time begins. You need to get about the business of YOU.

This is when you really put in the work.

Remember, you’re the only one responsible for your life so you need to be on it 24/7. That means working on weekends if you have to.

That could mean a part-time job. Or it could mean earning a degree to get the skills that will increase your income. Or it could mean creating assets like books or courses that you can sell. Or investing in real estate.

Whatever it is, you keep doing it until you pull yourself out of your financial hole. You may need some rest but no relaxing.

Until your money’s right, forget about parties and drinking all night. Forget about YOLO.

Get serious about your life and start squeezing as much as you can out of your “days off”.

Maximize your days and earn your weekend.



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