3 Ways to Outsource Your Life Like the Wealthy

One thing that separates the wealthy from average people is having more options to choose how to use their time. It’s been said that wealth is really measured in terms of time not dollars. It means that wealth is measured by how long you can survive without working a job.

It also means being able to use less of your time doing things that you don’t want to do. Using precious time productively to achieve your goals instead of doing mindless chores. The only way to do that is if you can pay someone else to do the dirty work for you. This is the simplest form of outsourcing.

We tend to do undesirable things because they “have to be done”. A lot of times this is true but not everything has to be done by you. There’s always someone willing to do chores for money.

You may not think that you can afford to outsource your life but think again. Even though you may not be able to afford a full staff to run your household, there are some low cost ways to outsource your chores.

Here are 3 of them:

1- Drop off your laundry

This is one of my personal favorites. Who likes to spend hours sorting, washing and folding laundry? If you live in an apartment, this might mean dragging several heavy bags of dirty clothes to the nearest laundromat. Then you’ve got to fight for washers and dryers. Then you sit around waiting for the machines to finish.

Let’s not even think about the best part! Folding.

And lugging it all back home.

Consider dropping your laundry off at the laundromat. For an affordable price per pound, they’ll do it all for you.

Even sorting!

Just find out what their policies are beforehand. Maybe they don’t wash comforters.

Pay their fee and then you’re free to go do something more productive or just plain fun.

All you have to do is come back when it’s ready and it’s already bagged up and ready to go.

2- Pay someone to do your grocery shopping

We all know how time consuming grocery shopping can be. Walking up and down aisles searching for items on sale that match your coupons. Trying to figure out which box of cookies is a better deal. Standing on long lines and dealing with cashiers that can’t add 2 plus 3 without a calculator.

If you have small kids with you, it can get downright aggravating.

Eliminate the hassle by paying someone to do the grocery shopping for you. This can actually be pretty cheap if you get a relative to do it for you. Maybe you have a niece or some teenager that could use a few extra bucks.

Just make sure to give them a list and let them know how much leeway they have. Tell them the items that you absolutely must keep in the house at all times. Tell them what brands you won’t compromise on. Give them clear instructions and then turn them loose.

(This can actually be used for laundry too!)

Another option is shopping for groceries online. See if your favorite supermarket will deliver or at least get the groceries ready for pickup.

3- Hire a babysitter

“Wait a second, my kids aren’t a mindless chore!”

Maybe not but there may be things that you just aren’t doing because you have children. I’m not saying you should pay someone else to raise them.

Paying a teenager to watch your kids for a few hours can be a great use of money.

You can finally start going on that date night you’ve been talking about with your spouse. Or hang out with old friends. Or take a class. Or go run personal errands that would be hard to do with kids in tow.

These are just a few ways to use your money to free up your time and improve your life. You may not be able to hire staff like the wealthy but you can do similar things on a smaller scale.

Feel free to share any other tips in the comments below.

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